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Emily Alcantara

Licensed Real Estate Sales Person

Office: 631-396-1743

Mobile: 917-322-1870

License No: 10401316599

My goal is to challenge myself in the Real Estate Industry, applying skills that I developed as a project manager over the last decade in the real estate world. I want to help you find your dream home or make a profitable investment as a buyer. With my background in construction project management, I have the knowledge to help resolve any issues during the search/sell processes. Above all, I aim to build relationships with every unique individual because I want to advise and support you in these important decisions.

I want to get to know my clients, sharing my own story in an effort to learn theirs. My parents were born and raised in the Dominican Republic but moved to the United States for a better future. I lived in Queens, then later in Brentwood, Long Island. Though Brentwood has a bad reputation, I believe it played a large role in making me the individual and professional I am today. I’m a go-getter, a hustler and very open-minded and inclusive towards all cultures. Additionally, my native tongue is Spanish, so I am a good fit for buyers and sellers with stronger Spanish-speaking skills than English.

I’m used to making quick adjustments and solving problems due to my experience in construction project management. I’ve established my role as the problem-solver, keeping others around my calm. Not to mention, I gain great satisfaction from being busy and productive. I’m ready to immerse myself in the real estate industry, learning the in’s and outs of mortgages, insurance and the architecture of homes, allowing my construction management knowledge to feed all of those.

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